WHAT TO DO: In the event of severe weather, patrons are directed to RETURN to their vehicles in an orderly manner and STAY INSIDE the vehicle until the ALL CLEAR SIGNAL is given.  DO NOT TRY TO LEAVE – this will quickly create a traffic jam.

OUR RULES: When thunder roars, stay indoors!  OFD will follow the 30-30 rule for lightning.  If lightning is observed and thunder is heard within 30 seconds, the event will be delayed until 30 minutes have passed since thunder was last heard.

There’s a lot to be done between now and the day it all comes together. Please join us in making this a fantastic celebration and best event Fluvanna County has ever seen. People can volunteer to make phone calls or help with the planning in advance, help set up in the days before, or to help guide vendors, drivers and others on the day itself.  We can use people for just an hour or two, or for full days.  For information, contact Tricia Johnson

So bookmark this page to watch for our updates. Or “like” us on Facebook; we’ll also be posting our latest news there. And don’t forget to put May 4 in your calendar - you won’t want to miss the fun at Fluvanna's Favorite Family Festival!